Digital Forensics - Imaging a hard drive in the field

Fighting Fraud: Forensic Data Processing and Analysis

A sub-branch of digital forensics, forensic data processing, and analysis examines structured data related to the occurrence of financial crime. The ultimate aim of forensic data analysis is to uncover, then analyse, digital patterns associated with fraudulent activity.

This site provides an array of material on the fascinating world of forensic data processing and analysis. For example, readers can learn the difference between structured and unstructured data sets and why this difference is vital to combatting financial crime.

Visitors to this site will also find helpful advice on how to pursue a career in this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

How Individuals Can Use Data Forensics

23 May 2022

When it comes to data forensics it is often assumed that only big companies looking for financial irregularities use this knowledge. However, an individual can also extract data from their own PC. This can be useful if an attempt at hacking is suspected.

Forensic Data Processing

14 Apr 2022

Data forensics relates to data and how it is used and created. Knowing what to look for can help to uncover fraudulent activity on a website. Industry experts can identify and preserve strings of data and even recover personal information long after it has been deleted.

Data Analysis as a Career

12 Mar 2022

There is undoubtedly a lot of fraudulent activity online, and data analysts can help track down cyber-criminals. They have the skills to trawl through vast amounts of data and spot trends or unusual activity. Analysts can extract information that could be used in a financial investigation.