Aims & Goals

LASIE will provide a set of tools and processes to support law enforcement agents and investigators or analysts in their everyday work. The proposed system will significantly reduce the required investigation time by utilizing automatic processes for analysing multimedia contents, as well as visual analytics from an inference engine able to highlight otherwise hidden information.

LASIE goals can be summarised as:

  • Design and development of novel inference mechanisms guiding the analysts through their investigations. These mechanisms will exploit appropriate knowledge modelling procedures, taking also into account explicit analyst’s knowledge and information from previous cases.
  • Provision of a module able to link and merge information from heterogeneous sources. This will be achieved by exploiting an event-oriented approach.
  • Implementation of a intuitive user interface able to automatically highlight relevant events and to allow analysts creating their  own cases in a user-friendly graphical way.
  • Provision of tools that will automatically extract critical information from handwritten and calligraphic documents.
  • Setting up of an evaluation framework (through simulated procedures) in order to have quantitative measures of the system results to support the analyst decisions.
  • Support of a series of training sessions to make analysts and operators capable of using the framework in an efficient and easy manner.
  • Implementation of a Privacy-by-Design approach to ensure privacy protection through built-in, rather than added-up, legal and ethical compliance mechanisms.