LASIE aims to significantly facilitate analysts’ investigation processes, by providing an automated initial analysis of a large amount of heterogeneous forensic data, also guiding the investigation procedures by incorporating recommendation functionalities. This approach on one side will increase the number of successfully solved cases and on the other side will lower the cost of investigation.

LASIE will provide new tools, techniques, processes and procedures to support investigators and analysts in their daily work also considering the Legal, Ethical and Privacy issues.  Moreover LASIE framework will respect privacy and ethical issues by design with consequent increase of the public acceptance of next generation security system.

The increased effectiveness of LASIE as an investigation system will have a positive impact not only on the actual level of security but also on  how security is socially perceived  resulting in a  improved   daily quality of life especially in the social environment.

LASIE will develop appropriate (semi-) automatic tools for facilitating the analysts in their investigation activities. Such added value represents LASIE’s Unique Selling Proposition in the forensic sector.  This will satisfy the products and services demand in forensic investigations which is increasing year after year.

The project will create innovative tools integrated into an open source environment, to support the optimal management of diverse data source. Furthermore, by relying on standards and by choosing an open source adoption model LASIE will maximise the social and economic return.