LASIE workshop: supporting forensic analysts in digital evidence retrieval and analysis

19th September 2015

The first LASIE Workshop “LASIE: supporting forensic analysts in digital evidence retrieval and analysis” took place in London on 15-16 July 2015 at the Queen Mary University of London premises.
The main purposes of the workshop were:

• the promotion of the LASIE technologies as opportunity for empowering forensic analyst and investigators in fighting against crime in dealing with digital evidence and facing ethics and privacy issues.

• informing and increase awareness of LASIE potential end users with regards technologies behind the LASIE project

• involving EU projects, policy makers, ethical and privacy experts and end users in the security field in discussions regarding ethics and privacy constraints and needs in dealing with digital evidence

• increase networking, knowledge sharing and cross-fertilisation among relevant EU projects

• the dissemination of the project status and achieved results

The event was attended by around 30 representatives of law enforcement authorities, expert research institutes, forensic scientists, ethical experts and technology experts from several EU countries (Spain, UK, Italy, Portugal, Estonia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Greece and Lithuania). 7 relevant EU projects active in the security field were represented in the audience.


The feedback received by the audience about the event was extremely positive: all three sessions of the workshop (the training, the roundtable and the EU session) obtained a positive evaluation from participants:

• More than 80% of participants to the Training session stated that the project met their goals

• More than 90% that its purposes were fulfilled

• Appreciations regarding the Roundtable session came from the whole audience and all speakers

• Satisfaction was expressed by EU session participants and presenters

The outcomes of the event

• Increase of awareness around LASIE technologies and LASIE aims and Increase of end users’ knowledge around • Feedback received from end users regarding LASIE (early evaluation)

• Synergies and plans for future activities established with other EU projects

• Dissemination of the project towards: end users, Researchers and research centers, other EU projects, organisations in the security fields

Public material:

– The results of the 1st workshop and the feedback received from particupants are available are downloadable here
– The minutes of the roundtable session is available at this link