Not so Smart Cities? A Guide to Helping Cities Develop Ethical Data Strategies

30th January 2017

Lunch seminar with Gemma Galdon Clavell, Stine Bergersen chairs.

Friday, 17 February 2017 12:00-14:00

Place: PRIO, Hausmanns gate 3, Oslo

In the last few years, the possibility of so-called ‘smart’ technologies to improve the efficiency and surveillance capabilities of electronic devices such as CCTV has filled both pages of concern and PR leaflets. While the corporations driving these developments have emphasized how smart technologies can improve efficiency at all levels (public administration, mobility management and planning, market analysis, etc.), critics have warned against the risks associated with the proliferation of smart surveillance.

On the basis of the work of Eticas Research and Consulting with different local actors, the session will present a diagnosis of the problems with the current debate around the relationship between cities and technologies and a series of strategies that can be deployed to build ethical, responsible strategies to make the most of data to improve cities.

The seminar is organized within the framework of the LASIE project.

More information available at PRIO website, at the following link