SINTESYS project

15th April 2015

The SINTESYS project (Security and INTelligence SYSstem) is developing new technologies for the creation of an innovative integrated system able to analyse, plan and investigate ‘open’ internet data sources (OSINT – Open Source INTelligence) which are also multi-modal (text, images, video, audio, etc.), in an integrated, coherent and consistent manner, so as to discover the presence of links, relationships, connections which the disjointed evaluation of individual sources would not be able to highlight, and thus provide an important contribution to the management of homeland security in terms of Decision Support System.

SINTESYS will be – not exclusively – targeted at analysts and operators who work in institutional sectors, supporting them in the most advanced Intelligence processes through the collection, processing, analysis and distribution of information. To this end, SINTESYS will use and combine techniques, technologies and innovative models for data analysis such as sound analysis, image recognition, video recognition, social network analysis, text mining, human computer interaction, cognitive psychology, along with models and techniques for information fusion and artificial intelligence.

SINTESYS therefore proposes to create an integrated software system equipped with advanced tools for analysing and correlating vast amounts of data from a variety of heterogeneous, multichannel and multimodal information sources hard to manage and aggregate by hand.

The system is designed to be flexible enough to suit various needs of intelligence analysts, who will be able to navigate the data using smart and intuitive user interfaces which can adapt to different types of information sources and actual user needs, through a specific survey of the interaction habits and a psychological studies on interaction patterns.

SINTESYS is coordinated by ENGINEERING Igegneria Informatica and is financed by the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research

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